Welcome to our company's leadership page, where you can learn more about the individuals who are dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses.

Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their roles, and they are passionate about working alongside our customers to find solutions that drive growth and innovation.


Ken Sittman, President

Ken Sittman

Andy Martin, Chief Financial Officer

Andy Martin
Chief Financial Officer

Zach Eichenberger, Director Products & Services

Zach Eichenberger
Director, Products & Services

Frank Qualtier, Director Sales & Marketing

Frank Qualtier
Director, Sales & Marketing

Amy Raders, Director of Operations and Supply

Amy Raders
Director, Operations and Supply Chain

Michael Huerta, National Branch Operations Sr. Manager

Michael Huerta
National Branch Operations Sr. Manager

Jamie Emerson, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

Jamie Emerson
Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager

James Lema, Sales Manager - East Area

James Lema
Sales Manager - East Area

Kevin Staneart, Sales Manager - West

Kevin Staneart
Sales Manager - West

William Rushing, Sr. Manager, New Business Development

William Rushing
Sr. Manager, New Business Development

Bradley Hancock, National Key Account Manager

Bradley Hancock
National Key Account Manager

Business Unit Leaders

Chris Peterson, Business Manager - RFID

Chris Peterson
Business Manager - RFID

Daniel Forte, Business Manager, Access Controls

Daniel Forte
Business Manager - Access Controls

Louis Guido, Business Manager - Commercial & Residential Door

Louis Guido
Business Manager - Commercial & Residential Door

Tim Nordstrom, Regional Sales and Product Training Leader

Tim Nordstrom
Business Manager - Gate Automation Systems

Butch Showers, Sales Representative - RFID

Butch Showers
Sales Representative - RFID

Regional Managers

David Gulyas, Area Manager - Southeast

David Gulyas
Area Manager - Southeast

Ken Lehmann, Area Manager - SoCal Region

Ken Lehmann
Area Manager - SoCal

Kurt Starry, Area Manager - Southwest

Kurt Starry
Area Manager - Southwest

Michael Gliebe, Area Manager - Midwest

Michael Gliebe
Area Manager - Midwest

Blake Ashley, Area Manager, Area Manager - Northeast

Blake Ashley
Area Manager - Northeast

Stephen Epperson, Area Manager - Mid-South Region

Stephen Epperson
Area Manager - Mid-South Region

David Rademacher, Area Manager - Northwest Region

David Rademacher
Area Manager - Northwest Region