Virtual Dealer Training

CPSG-U Virtual Dealer Training is designed to help growing businesses scale through the education of their staff. The platform brings structure to our clients learning and development programs, allowing owners to track and log progress. These self-paced courses are populated with rich content and delivered in interesting formats consisting of training aids, videos, gamification, and appropriate testing of knowledge.

Learn the core disciplines of Gate Automation and Access Control. This is an education most field techs never receive.
Build employee loyalty through furthering their career and showing investment in their growth.
More educated staff means you can take on more projects, improve your company reputation, and decrease your time at service calls.
Well trained staff carry themselves higher, speak more intelligently, and enter tough technical situations in a calm fashion which improves your reputation.

Terms and Conditions


Is this a good tool for system designers as well as installers?
Absolutely. Although these courses are aimed towards installers, there is plenty of information that would benefit system designers as well.

How long will each course take?
It depends on each individual course and the person taking them. Each course is self-passed and does not have a time limit. Most courses should be able to be completed in 1 hour or so but there are a few that will run 1-1/2 hours.

Do these courses count for CEUs?
CPSG-U courses are accepted by ACI and IDEA.

How will the billing work?
Each company will be required to provide a PO and will be bill for the yearly subscription through their CPSG business account. This same process will be used for additional learners as well.

Can an individual (employee of a company) access the training on their own?
Yes. This person will have to sign up under an existing CPSG business account however, we will accept a personal credit card. Contact us at for more info.

What are the costs associated with access to the LMS programs?
There is a Yearly subscription fee of $50 which includes 1 user/learner and an additional fee of $50 per additional user/learner. Individual courses range from free to somewhere between $100 - $150 each and the curriculum that goes through the entire Installation Training Course is $500 per learner. (Plus applicable state and local taxes based on your associated CPSG account). Pricing subject to change at any time.

What will I get with my Yearly subscription?
Besides access to the CPSG-U training catalog, there will be manufacturer info and training videos being added as well as product info and specialized training sessions.

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