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Careers (9/28/2021)
Find the right opportunity for you at Controlled Products Systems Group . Apply Now We bring a personal approach to business. All of our employees - whether... (more)
Gate Operators, Parking Control, and Accessories (6/10/2021)
Controlled Products Systems Group represents best-in-class manufacturers of Gate Operators Parking Barriers and Accessories. We have solutions for a simple ranch gate to... (more)
Crash (6/14/2021)
Crash protection is no longer just for government facilities. The demand for crash anti-ram and hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) products is rapidly multiplying across... (more)
Events (10/11/2021)
October 26 2021 - Aiphone Manufacturer Day in Tampa Click For Details October 26 2021 - LiftMaster Training in Denver Click For Details October 27 2021 - Aiphone... (more)
Connect to myQ + Key (7/29/2021)
Get Connected and Get Paid The Connect to myQ and Key by Amazon Program rewards Dealers with up to 65 per garage door for helping... (more)
Touchless (6/11/2021)
The health and safety of all employees staff and visitors is a main priority for any organization. Doors are some of the most touched surfaces... (more)
AA&C is now CPSG (4/23/2019)
Access Automation & Controls is Now CPSG Baton Rouge On April 15 2019 CPSG acquired Access Automation and Controls (AA&C). This location is now a... (more)
RFID (5/26/2021)
Long range vehicle identification is the superior way to identify vehicles and quickly grant them access through high traffic secure perimeters. Controlled Products offers a... (more)
Access Control (6/3/2021)
Controlled Products Systems Group represents best-in-class manufacturers of Access Controls. From enterprise level systems that handle hundreds of doors to stand alone keypads... (more)
About Us (2/10/2021)
Controlled Products Systems Group At CPSG you come first. Our business is built around providing quick and capable service to enable our customers to operate... (more)
LiftMaster | Controlled Products (9/20/2019)
LiftMaster- Instructional Videos Back to Videos Home Gate Operators - Installation / Training / UL325 (more)
Commercial and Residential Door Automation (8/9/2021)
CPSG offers a wide range of products and technical expertise to assist in automating commercial and residential doors. Commercial Door applications are the gateways to... (more)
Safety – UL325/ASTM F2200 (7/7/2020)
CPSG is serious about Safety education. Through education and awareness we limit our liabilities our clients liabilities and decrease the risk of injury by consumers... (more)
Visitor Management (6/11/2021)
Security brings peace of mind to the users we serve. Locking down access can sacrifice the ability to process guests. Our solutions offer business owners... (more)
LiftMaster UL325 | Controlled Products (9/20/2019)
... Powered by Cincopa HTML Slideshow for Business solution. Distributor Gate Video Gallery Gate Safety Checklist This video will demonstrate how to perform a LiftMaster gate... (more)