CPSG is serious about Safety education. Through education and awareness we limit our liabilities, our clients liabilities, and decrease the risk of injury by consumers. These efforts contribute to CPSG being The Destination Company for SAFE Perimeter Access Solutions.

CPSG UL325 ASTM F2200 Review Webinar 6/25/20 - Watch Now

CPSG UL325 ASTM F2200 Review Webinar 4/3/20 - Watch Now

CPSG UL325 7th Edition Webinar 7/24/18 - Watch Now

UL325 7th Edition Information Starting August 1, 2018

General Information Sources for UL325 7th Edition

Underwriters Laboratories Webinar: Gate Operator Updates for 2018

Underwriters Laboratories Webinar: UL325 External Entrapment Protection Devices

General UL325 and ASTM F2200 Information

Learn more about UL - www.UL.com

DASMA - Technical Data Sheets

ASTM F2200 - Specification for Automated Vehicular Gate Construction

All-O-Matic 7/13/18 – Examples – Machine SN (w/date)
All-O-Matic 7/13/18 – Board Serial Numbers
All-O-Matic 7/13/18 – 2018 Advance Replacement Policy

HySecurity/Nice 7/19/18 – General Information on Approach to UL325 7th Edition

HySecurity/Nice 7/19/18 – UL325 Resources

LiftMaster 5/25/18 – General Information on Approach to UL325 7th Edition

LiftMaster 4/30/18 – Product Bulletin – Replacement Control Boards Slide Gates 2016-2018

LiftMaster 4/30/18 – Product Bulletin – New UL325 7th Edition Gate Operator SKUs

LiftMaster 4/30/18 – Operator and Accessory List Pricing